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Campervan in Iceland

Do you dream about holiday in Iceland, where you can perfectly balance your well-being with the familiar land of the region? Camper rental in Iceland:  is a great solution. When traveling by camper you are surrounded by comfort twenty four hours a day, enjoying all the comforts. At the same time, you have the opportunity to travel to the countries of the continent you want, to admire the miracles created by people or nature, where you want to stop and get acquainted with the traditions of the region, local people, and their works.

#1 Camper rental in Iceland. All our campers have a perfect technical condition, thoroughly maintained and checked before each trip. Together with car rental services, travel assistance is provided: tips, travel guides, sightseeing places.

Campervan hire in Iceland

How can you hire camper in Iceland

Affordable campers offers camper vans for rental so you may explore Iceland in your own way without having to worry about accommodations or other hassle associated with other travel arrangements.
Besides why should you have to pay for accommodations and travel arrangements when you can get them both for one price from Affordable Campers.
Iceland has a lot to offer like breathtaking glaciers, astonishing waterfalls and amazing geysers, Iceland is a photographers dream.
Camping can be found all around Iceland so finding a suitable place for the night is not a hassle. That why camper rental in Iceland is a best way to explore Iceland! 




CAMPERVAN FEATURESThe reason why choose our campers:
  • Help 24/7

    Call us 24/7, at the given number, you will always get information.

  • Free Single BBQ

  • Best Prices

    Our prices are better than good. They’re guaranteed!

  • Full tank

    When you collect your hire camper it will have a full tank of petrol.

  • Unlimited Kilometers!

    Enjoy the open road without limits.

  • No hidden charges

    No hidden charges at camper hire!